Hello and welcome to a_little_stone_diy blog!

My name is Jay. This blog came about because i have always been passionate about diy house projects and the simple joys of living. Yes, you can actually combine these two passions to create a calming and minimalistic designs on your space.

In this blog, i like to express this vibe on different topics like gardening, backyard ideas, indoor design and others.

On a sidenote, i like to be transparent and add that i sometimes insert affiliate links on my post. Please know it doesn’t cost you anything to click on those links, but if it leads to a product purchase i may or may not get a commission.

I am also a small business owner. My shop reflects my love for animals, nature and our planet. Please visit them at:

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  3. Teesprings

And lastly, i am also an independent blank book publisher:

  1. Amazon KDP
  2. Barnes and Noble Press
  3. Lulu Bookstore

Thank you for reading

Please get in touch. You can reach me at littlestone10@gmail.com