Color can make a room in your house alive or not. Choosing the right paint in the room is important because it adds charm and personality on the surrounding. Knowing the right color for the rooms in your house is equally vital because the tone plays a big part whether the light helps the room livelier or dull. In this post, i would be trying to put a straighforward newbie guide on choosing the right interior paint for your next painting project.

Know the different types of paint

What are the different types of paint out there? To categorize paint in general, there’s only two types out there really and that is oil and water based, but we can branch it out further with the ready made regular or conventional one. 1) Conventional paint: Typically used in commercial building, this paint has a primer already and produces a smooth finish. 2) Oil-based paint: If you are going for a less expensive paint, then oil-based paint is your choice. It’s glossy sheen can be used for solid surfaces like floors and ceilings and decorating walls, doors and moldings, but be warned that it usually has a strong smell . 3) Water-based paint: A tad more expensive than conventional paint, this type of paint is quick drying and is also suitable for walls, ceilings, doors and moldings. 4) High-tech paint: This paint is characterized by thin glazes that are thinner than oil based paint. This can be applied in thin coats and can easily be removed.

What to consider before choosing a paint?

Painting a room or multiple rooms involves planning different things. It’s a process that needs to be carefully thought of. First on the list is the colour that you want to choose. Is there a theme and scheme that you want to follow? Visualize how the colour will go well with your furniture, the usage of the room and your general mood that you want to feel on that room. While you are thinking of colours, think about the paint finish (satin, gloss or eggshell) you want on that wall, ceiling or any surface. Your paint would probably be conventional but some would prefer mixing their own paint and primer too. Some paints have strong smell or fumes than others so make sure you check the VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds on the label. Another important consideration is the lighting in the room. Think about how natural light will react to the paint in the room. For example, north facing room that don’t get a lot of sunlight may need a brighter tone to enliven the space.

The right color for your room

On the two paragraphs above, we discussed the technical aspects of the paints, i.e. the types of paints and the finish you want to achieve. For this section, we would cover the design and psychology part of choosing the right color for your room and how to decide what color to paint a room. Newbies would benefit on their choice of paint if they start with basic colors and then just experiment with different tones on it. Some utilize a color palette to mix and match the mood that they want to evoke. If you are starting on a bare room, it helps to visualize the decor and furniture that you would be putting in the room. What are your sofa, curtain and rug colors be like? Imagine how the colors would blend and compliment each other. This is the idea of matching. If you are painting multiple rooms and you are using different colors, test how the colors transition from one space to the other. What you want is a pleasant and pleasing effect of continuity, as you factor in the light source too.


This newbie guide is created so you would not be discouraged if you are going to diy your room painting. I hope i gave you a basic route to take with your paint choices and how to select colors for house interior. Painting is another skill that you can easily learn, but it’s really up to you if you want it professionally made or on your own. It really starts with the colors that speak to you and the mood that you want to create. Carefully plan your color scheme and test it and when you are satisfied with your choices, go for it.


  1. I didn’t know there were so many types of paint. This is relevant to me as I am halfway through decorating. The decorator got my colours wrong as he forgot but I actually like how he did it better.

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