Limited sun in north facing garden could be a problem for a homeowner gardener, but this can be remedied with the proper planning and the right plants for north side of the house. Many houseowners shared this dilemma but are able to manage well because they follow some basic tips and garden ideas for north facing yard and use good north facing plants.

The basic truth about having a north facing garden

According to the United States Department of Energy, “A north facing garden is one that faces the setting sun.” What this means is that a north facing garden will be cooler in the afternoon and warmer in the morning. This can be an issue for a homeowner gardener because of shorten periods of sun in the yard area. A homeowner gardener must come to the fact that the north facing garden may not sometimes be practical to some plants but may be suitable to some. Therefore it is important to be selective and to grow plants that are well suited for cooler conditions.

Some tips for planting on north facing gardens

As the designer and gardener of your north facing yard, the amount of sun on the location will be one of the biggest concerns to consider. Not having a lot of direct sunlight per day, some trees or any tall structure may have to be cleared so the plants on the ground will have the sun on its path. For example, hostas have a better chance of surviving if these are not directly shaded by a taller tree, another plant or structure. It helps if a plant also has an established root systems before it is planted in the ground. This will give the roots a free rein to breath and branch out more on the soil underground.

Some garden ideas to consider on north facing gardens

As explained above, sun exposure may be the foremost consideration for your north facing garden planning. The yard has to get the maximum amount of sun it can get that is appropriated for your choice of plants. Some questions to ask yourself during your planning: how many hours of direct and partial sun do certain areas of your garden get? Am i getting plants the right plants? Do i really need trees, shrubs, and other plants that may not get a lot of sun? Sometimes it pays to be creative so you can add light and warmth on your mostly cool garden. This can be accomplished by adding colour on your garden. Why not add some red plants or trees or paint your fence with a lively tone so there will be interest on your garden view.


A north facing garden must not be a major deterrent if you are planning to beautify your yard with plants. It is a basic fact that north facing gardens get the least amount of light but with proper designing and plotting, you can actually create a lovable and sustainable garden. Utterly important is to know where the sun hits your yard and plant the suitable plants that will thrive there. By doing this, most of your gardening worries would be eliminated and you would actually able to enjoy your gardening and your yard.

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