Grass is green and the garden is attractive with manicured lawn, but sometimes you have to give way for some space for planting. Clearing the grass is the first step to prepare the garden and to get rid of unwanted grass in lawn and this step can often take time to happen.

Once the grass has rooted itself on the soil, you either have to dig it out or find other means to get rid of it. The most natural way to remove them is obviously to scrape the layer where the roots are holding. This method can be very labor intensive especially if you are doing it alone and it you are tackling old and overgrown grasses, but is one of the surest way to kill the bed of grass on the yard.

Before we go to other non toxic ways of killing the grass, let me just put it out here that a weed killer like Round Up can also kill the grass just as good. The drawback, of course, is you are not just treating the grass with chemical but also polluting the soil and air with it.

If you can have a choice, i would really suggest you go with the non toxic way. It usually takes longer but the benefit on the soil is far less detrimental.

Earlier i wrote about the digging method to eliminate the grass; the other way to naturally kill the grass is to cover them with black polythene plastic. The idea here is to cook or solarize the grass with heat under the opaque plastic. This is particularly useful during the summer as more heat is trapped to suffocate the grass. It may take a month or more to totally eliminate the grass but the effect will be lasting.

Another layering technique that would kill the grass is called sheet mulching. From bottom to top, use newspaper or cardboard to cover grass, then lay compost and finally mulch like wood chips. As the grass is being smothered, the microorganism is also breaking down the soil and enriching it with nutrients. This very organic way will take about three to four months and longer in cooler climates.

Some pour boiling water and some combined it with vinegar and/or baking soda on the grass in the same manner to get rid of weeds. While this may be effective in prolonged and repetitive use, grasses with matured and established root system can be very stubborn to kill.

An alternative grass killer is horticultural vinegar which is a stronger version of a household vinegar. Putting vinegar on lawn is also primarily a weed killer but can be effective with grass too. Repeat and observe the process until grass is totally dry and dead. Because of its high acidic content, caution must be made so that it won’t irritate any of the body parts.

Garden planning is a process that begins with the ground preparation. In this post, i try to answer the question “how to get rid of unwanted grass” and i also wrote down some ways you can start your garden by killing the grass on the yard. There’s a combination of organic and chemical way of getting rid of the grass. I hope you find the way that is best suited to your gardening situation.

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