Do plants purify air inside the house? Air purifying plants have the double purpose of aesthetics and air purifying qualities to any home. Ask an interior designer and he or she would prabably put an air purifying plant for indoors somewhere in his or her working space, Adding a plant in the room enliven the surrounding and if you choose an air purifying one can also detoxify the space naturally.

The aim of this blog is to present 5 easy to care indoor plants that even an inexeperienced designer can put on their house project. This is also useful for houseowners and renters who want a low maintenance indoor plants for clean air on their rooms, with an added feature of being natural air detoxifier too.

Aloe Vera

This is my first plant on the list and also my top 5 air purifier plant solely because it is a hardy plant that needs less watering. Put it on a sunny spot and you can pretty much leave it alone.

Aside from purifying the air from formaldehyde and benzene, Aloe Vera is well known for its burn healing and anti-inflammation property. Study shows that applying the soft cool aloe on 1st to 2nd degree will protect the skin from bacteria and promotes circulation.

Spider Plant

This is a houseplant that you can hang from a planter or pot. Because of its slender and spidery vein-like leaves, it has a natural arching flow that is nice to see from above ground.

Products emanating from rubber factories usually contain xylene, and according to research, presence of spider plant can limit carbon dioxide and xylene in the air.

Snake Plant

If you are looking for the ideal bedroom plant, then look no further because a snake plant might be the plant bedmate for you. It has a very healthy feature of converting carbon dioxide to oxygen at night, thus enhancing a clean airflow in the room for a good night sleep.

Also known as Mother-in-Law-Tongue, this NASA purifying plant can grow between 6 inches to several feet and can be a designer plant to amplify height in a particular space.

Peace Lily

Also included in NASA indoor plant list, Peace Lily is a popular plant in garden centers, and no wonder a popular plant inside the house too. Perhaps the most prominent feature of a Peace Lily is its beautiful white flower, but some are just happy that it is a low to mid maintenance houseplant. Don’t do this two No Nos: 1) No direct sunlight and 2) Don’t let the soil dry, and you will be alright.

Worth mentioning is the ability of this plant to absorb acetane vapors from paints, rubbing alcohol and nail polish. You probably know how strong these scents are, sometimes causing headaches, but thanks to the purifying trait of a Peace Lily, the air can now be less vaporous.

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*This blog post is both my research and my personal opinion and may contain affiliate/referral links.

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