It’s no secret that LED lights are energy efficient. It also has a higher start up purchase cost, but for good reason, one of the advantages of LED light is that LED last longer than flourescent, halogen and incandescent lights. How about 50,000 hours! Compared to a flourescent light, LED lights have five times longer life span.

An initial investment can pay itself off not just on the longevity of use, but also on your energy cost. It is estimated that LED consumes to about 80% less energy than an incandescent. And while the latter will need 100 watts of energy to power, an LED will only need 23 – 30 watts to consume the same amount of energy.

Perhaps the next biggest takeaway benefit of LED lights are its impact on the environment. Traditional lighting carries mercury which sometimes has a particular disposal requirement; on the other hand, LED has none from a manufacturing standpoint, nor it needs special recycling.

There are many wonderful things that can be said on LED light aesthetics. Color becomes more alive and has clearer rendering in cool and warm settings. There are many imaginative designs that can be crafted because of its design flexibility too, thanks to its typical small and compact physical size.

In terms of functionality, LED lights has a unique trait to be directional. There’s more to be said about recessed lighting benefits. It is especially helpful for corner areas and as a reading light source like a LED lamp. Artwork also become more vibrant with an LED shining directly to it, and worth a mention that LED is safe to the eyes because it emits no UV.

To sum it all up, there are different kind of lighting that we can use, other than LED light, but when it comes to energy efficiency, environment safety and design flexibility, LED lighting is something that a consumer should consider. LED is expensive to buy at the beginning but it can prove more bang for your buck in the long run.

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