The popularity of laminate flooring has been adopted on different homes from city to countryside. Homeowners are liking not just the elegant look of its surface but also the durability it offers. Because of this demand, it is now more easy to buy it at your local shops or order online for delivery.

There are other benefits of choosing a laminate floor. I mentioned its durable quality earlier, aside from that it also more resistant to scratches thanks to the pressed laminated wood on its top layer. The other good consideration of getting a laminate floor is its affordability. In comparison, it costs less than hardwood floors and also less expensive labor-wise when having installers do it for you.

  1. Use products designated for cleaning laminate floor

Always read the product instructions and make sure it is labeled for laminate floors. The same is true when you are doing a DIY solution that can be prepared at home; follow the recommended measurement whether you are using vinegar, detergent soap and the right amount of water.

2. Avoid too much moisture when mopping

Too much water will penetrate through the seams and will weaken the flooring base. Squeeze the water out so the mop will not be dripping wet but only damp enough to wet the laminate floor. Take very good care not to leave a pool of water on the floor.

3. Protect the floor by protecting the furniture

Constant dragging of chairs, table, sofa and other furnitures can dent the floor, but this can be prevented when there are pads on the foot of these furnitures.

Another way of protecting the floor too is to have a mat on the doorway so the dirt and other elements won’t stick to the floor. Heavily traffic area like the kitchen can also be protected from water, cooking oil and stain if there’s a mat on on the floor.

4. Sun and pets and other useful tips

Exposing the floor to too much sun heat, especially if you have underfloor heating, can do some damage in the long run. Floor near the living room window can be shunned simply from the sun by lowering the blinds or covering with curtains.

Pets with long nails can scratch the floor, so are high heel shoes, so take this into consideration too.

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