Mould comes in many forms. Oftentimes it can only be spotted when it grows and it colors the object it adheres to. Bathrooms happen to be one of its favorite hang outs, for the simple reason that it loves moisture.

Wet surfaces attract mould, period, and if left for too long and too often will quickly establish as a mould breeding ground. Yes, that black, brown, green thing that stick to the nooks and crannies of your wall is the annoying fungus.

Aside from being a bathroom eye sore, it can also be a health problem if left untreated. The aim of this blog is to give tips that you can do right now to prevent mould from establishing itself on your bathroom.

  1. Wipe off water on shower

Water on walls after showering tends to stick so it is important to wipe it off. This can be done with a sponge pad to absorbe moisture or a quick squeegee action. Removing a large swathe of that moisture especially on the grouted area of the tile will prove beneficial in the long run.

mould on tile

2. Properly ventillate during and after showering

Never forget to turn on the exhaust or bath fan while you are showering so the steam will be suck out. Equally important is to continue to leave the fan on for a few minutes after showering so more moisture will be gone.

Even when you are not showering, let natural ventillation gets in the bathroom by opening the door and window. Keeping the bathroom dry is a sure fire method to avoid mould.

3. Waterproof the grout on the bathroom tiles

Sealing the grout after the tile installation is always a good idea. It not only protect the tiles but also the wall where the tiles are layered.

If the grouting is to be done weeks or months after the tile installation, just make sure that all the surfaces are dry before application and also allow some time for the sealant to completely dry.

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