Whether it is your first time installing a bathroom blinds or it is a redesigning project, it helps to have a straightforward guide so the installation will be smooth and effective. This is also the case when you are ordering the blinds and having someone installed it for you. Have a definitive guide and you will be alright.

For obvious reason, bathroom blinds are different from bedroom and kitchen blinds. The function is different, the material is different, and the style is different.

1. Choose a moisture resistant material

Not all fabric or material are created equal. The most important charateristic a bathroom blinds should have is its ability to ward off moisture. A typical blind fabric will absorb moisture very quick and a wet and soggy blind will readily expose it to the germs and bacteria in the air.

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2. Blackout for privacy

Blacking out the window with your blinds is always a good idea especially if you value your privacy. The opaqueness comes in varying degrees so make sure you test them against the sunlight during your selection process.

3. Determine if risk of mould and mildew is high

Some blinds are pre-treated to withstand mould and mildew, so check if there is a always a lot of moisture inside the bathroom because it is from this moisture that mould grow from. Investing on a mould and mildew resistant blinds will be healthy and beneficial for the air that you breath inside the bathroom and in your house in general.

That’s it, this is the 3 most important consideration to prepare yourself for if you have a blinds installation project in your bathroom.

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