Timber or wooden shed is an important fixture in the garden. It serves as a storage space for small garden tools and large electricals like lawn mower and trimmer. It can also be used for additional storage from household items, yes, those bulky suitcases and boxes that are just eating up space in your bedroom.

Having a shed is definitely a storage solution, but before getting one, take some time to do this on your yard. Years after the installation and with continous maintenance, you will thank your future self for doing the following:

1.Clearing the tree on your garden

A grown tree next to a timber shed can be a hazard if left on its own. Overhanging branches can get in the way of the structure itself and can also damage the roof if the falls. Wind, rain, snow and other elements can be unpredictable sometimes so make sure you trim the branches around the shed.

Another thing to consider is the network of roots that can ruin the foundation of the shed. Sometimes a root can crack the concrete on the floor and what is underneath it, so make some landscaping decision if you have to.

2. Provide a concrete base for the shed

This is a homeowner decision too. Some will go for a flat concrete bed and others will have some kind of pillars to lay the weight of the shed.

There’s a school of thought that believes a wooden shed has to have aeration or an open flow of air underneath it so the wood will not go into decay for years. It makes logical sense because moisture is the number one cause of mould, algae and other rotteness.

3. Preserve the wood with a protective coating

Just like a wooden fence panels need coating, a timber shed will go a long way if there are layers of paint on it. One can use an oil based paint or a water based paint or both for this day project.

This protective sheen will ward the wood from the UV rays and the harsh elements all year round. This initial painting will need a re-painting maintenance every year though or whatever is recommended on the paint that you used.

That’s it, three simple to-do-list for a long and lasting and stress-free garden shed. Enjoy and have fun with your newly-installed timber shed.

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