Inspired by our recent front yard landscaping of decorative stones, i am writing this blog to share the reasons why it sometimes make sense to use decorative stones instead of seeding or laying a grass or putting a plant.

First of all, i like to acknowledge that our yard will be different on yours so determine for yourself if my reasoning is suitable on your gardening or landscaping needs.

The ultimate reason we use decorative stones is the size of our front yard. Small space doesn’t really need to be crammed with plants or fixtures. With an open yard that is 90% concrete and is primarily used as driveway, i think a simple spread of decorative stones will highlight the open space.

There is also a minimalist aesthetic when the first thing you see outside the house is a clean and clear pathway to the door.

Grass is the other option and also minimalistic but i think the maintenance will outweigh the appeal of having a green carpet on the yard. Aside from the mowing, which needs regular trimming during the summer, one needs to constantly water the grass too, and whether you hose it or install a water sprinkler, one has to think of cost too.

Planting a bush or any plant is a good idea too, but then again there is also the maintenance factor. Sometimes putting a few plants with the decorative stones next to it is a landscaping decision too. The stones can serve as a border for each plant and also as a protective barrier for the heat during summer, cold during winter and for the annoying weeds.

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Pebbles/stones, grass or plants, there is no wrong choice really if you plan your front yard landscaping beforehand. Do your research, plot your yard, choose the right grass and plants, and if you need help, consult a gardener and landscaper so you will have the right design for your front yard. Thanks for reading and good luck on your landscaping and gardening.

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