Imagine you are moving on a new house or apartment with an empty bedroom, and you have the freedom to install your very own wardrobe along with other bedroom furnitures. This real life scenario has happened to me before and on this blog post i want to share some of the tips that i find useful during the move in period.

Wardrobe is probably the second big space consumer next to the bed set, so it is best to plan the placement on the bedroom. Depending on the size of your room, you can choose a freestanding wardrobe, a sliding, a wall-mounted one or simply an armoire. The size of your choice of wardrobe depends on other factors like amount of things that you will stuff inside and the use of available space you will need for other furniture like a computer table on the bedroom.

Photo Credit: John Lewis & Partners

The next tip is your consideration for internal space. How the interior looks is as important as the exterior space. For custom-made wardrobe, this is no problem but for ready-made ones, you will have to choose what accomodate your needs. How many shelves, open or close, do you want and how long is the hanging rack should be, are just two considerations worth looking.

Photo & article Credit: Fantastic Built-in Wardrobes

The last tip is more of aesthetic value but it also has functionality on it. What are the fixtures that you can add to the wardrobe? Do you need a full mirror or half mirror? What about lighting, a safe compartment, or something else? There is a price element to all this add-ins, of course, but you can ultimately decide what’s best for your need.

Is there anything else you can add to my tips? I’ll be glad to hear about it. Thank you all for reading.

*This blog post is my personal opinion only and contains affiliate/referral links.

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  1. Wardrobes are so big and I don’t like the look of many of them – but I find organising the inside to be so nice and rewarding. Thank you for sharing your tips!

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