One can claim that the living room is the life of the room in the house. And another can argue that it is the kitchen area. One can look at it as the place where most of the entertaining takes place. Some guest opens up more when there is food on the table and they are eating, while others find the “sala” a neutral space to be just themselves.

For this blog post, i will write on the living room as the focal point for entertainment and how the choice of flooring adds quality to the atmosphere on this living space. It is fair to say that the first impression of the interior of the house is subjected when a guest sees the living room and therefore it is important to give a pleasing effect so the impression will be a good one.

Why is the choice of flooring, whether it is tile or laminate floor (I won’t be talking about natural wooden floor board here), crucial in defining the aesthetic of the house? These simple guide will answer many homeowners, new or old, on how they can enliven their living room based on their flooring and achieve a harmonious effect on the eye of the beholders.

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First, you want the living room to be as welcoming as you can. You find the source of outdoor light and let the light in, let the light in so your floor will shine. Naturally, the lighter the tone, the shinier the surface. You want this reflection because it will brighten the whole space, as the light bounce on the floor and hit the wall and the ceiling.

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Second, choose a light paint palette for the wall and ceiling so you have the whole living room bathed with natural reflective light. Darker tones absorb the light and reject the relflection. Living room space that does not get enough light is especially dull during Winter months, and also if it faces the north. Choose white or off-white paints unless you are going for a different mood.

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The third complimentary element for a livelier space is the furniture that occupies the living room. You may be thinking i am leaning to minimalism here but i have to say it really depends on the amount of space that you have. Crowding leads to disjointed space and a lot of impenetrable sunlight space.

There you have a lighter and airy living room because you have a whitish flooring, wall and ceiling, and you have the space for the light to explore the nooks and crannies of your living room.

Thank you for reading.

Please let me know what you can add to make your living room a glorious space.

*This blog post is my personal opinion only and contains affiliate/referral links.

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  1. Thank you for these tips on how to make my living room more appealing. We currently have a neutral palette in our living room, but we need to work on minimising clutter. Thank you for sharing. 😊

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