Ah Summer, that time of year when we get more daylight hours and therefore more sun than any other season. Did you know the sunniest months of the year are May and June and these two months average 5 – 6.5 hours of sunshine per day? Your plants can literally sit in your front porch and sunbathe for a good remainder of the day. Here are 5 flowering plants that would benefit from the sun and also enliven your front porch:

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This low maintenance plant with fragrant flowers thrives in the summertime. It especially likes the full sun with at least 6 hours of exposure throughout the day. If you can get an alkaline soil, then do get one, but in general it is usually not fuzzy as long as the soil drains well and you do not overwater it.

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They call them the hardworking plant of summer because they go from seed to flower and then to seed again very quick. Zinnias are considered an annual but unlike many annual, they are very easy to maintain because they can tolerate high heat and also drought. Grab a pot now and bring colours in your front space.

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One of the darling flowers of summer, Petunias are lovely addition to your front porch, just make sure it gets the maximum sun whether you are hanging it or on the pot. It is important that they don’t stay in the shade because it tends not to flower if not exposed to the full sun.

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Photo & article credit: Gardening Channel


Another adaptable plant tolerant of drought, heat and poor soil, Coneflowers are a nice front porch plants for their textures and colors and also for attracting wildlife like butterflies and other insect polinators. After Summer, the flower head will remain and will be a food resource for small birds.

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