Happy Fourth Everyone! I say this as an American who is enjoying the freedom that the Founding Fathers had fought for and the rest who defended freedom in the name of the flag. Today is a symbolic day even though we are still in Covid-19 restrictions and today is something i want to remember on this blog by posting the glory of American flag on the porch.


This wreath-designed flag is a welcoming invitation to a proud American home. It feels like the 12 day of Independence Day everyday.

Photo credit: Marthastewart.com

Because the front porch is a gathering place for visitors, why not display and unfurl a life-size American flag on the wall behind a porch bench.

Photo credit: Chatfield Court.

This festive bouquet of flags is appealing to the eye; the many reds, whites and blues scream patriotism at the core.

Photo & article credit: Jenny Reimold

What looks like a rag tag mishmash of fabric is an adorable hanging waves of devotion to the United States of America.


And who can blame a patriot if the flag is classically hanged with a pole. God Bless America my countrymen!

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