“Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too? Douglas Adams” Your mini forest aka your garden is a green expanse of land that you can transform in a fairy garden by using simple objects that is in your garden already.


Many gardens have trees in them, and sometimes the bigger the base the wider it’s circumference. It’s easy to associate fairies as woodland creatures, therefore utilize the tree in your yard as a focal point of your fairy garden decoration.


The materials to use are as primitive as fallen branches in your yard. It can be as rustic as segmented branches fashioned like a house with roof and window that a 5 year old with imagination can build on his own.


What’s a fairy house without a staircase? Find an overhanging root and press some rectangular wood and you have steps leading to a fairy house. Red door is optional, but is sure is a lovely attractive door.


To be among its elements is the genuine way to position a fairy house. Surrounded by grass and twigs next to a tree is more natural than a cemented base in a busy location.


Houses need windows, and there can’t be too many for a fairy house. The higher the trees, the more painted windows you can install for the fairies to climb.

Thank you for reading.

Please let me know your amazing idea for a fairy garden on the comments.

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  1. All cute ideas. I’ve done some of them in the past, when we held Fairy Days at the farm and I had more elaborate fairy gardens. I don’t give them much time or attention now days since the granddaughters are all grown…but I do still do the basics!

  2. I love this. It’s adorable. When I went for a walk on our local trail a couple of weeks ago, someone had painted doors and put them at the foot of the trees. They really made me smile.

  3. I’d really love to have my own fairy garden one day when I have my own place. I used to love exploring my nan’s garden when she had fairy houses. These are adorable and I can’t wait to have my own!

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