Stairway to simplicity is not a title of a song, but it can be a theme on your very own staircase. The underlying principle is to create an effective yet easy DIY that will transform your stairs in a minimalist project.

White paint on the steps and railings is a simple way to enliven a staircase. In this picture, the off-white wall compliments the glossy white of the stairs.

To add contrast, sometimes a combination of stain and paint is used. The effect of lightness is achieved here with stained steps and painted white risers. Notice how the stained banister is matched with the steps too.

Runners and carpeting not only add elegance to a boring stairs, but it also serves as a cushion in the event of a slip or a fall. If maintained properly, a carpeted stairs can last a long time and also protect the wood of the stairs for many years.

Color perspective is something to consider when designing a staircase. Look at how a dark-stained steps is paired nicely with a white risers and railings for a vintage appeal on the picture above.

Tile and Vinyl strips are two of the easiest ways to decorate your risers and it comes with many design patterns. Whether geometric, flowery and many others, it adds a personality to staircase.

Vinyl and Tile strips can be sticked on a wood or cemented on a stone risers. It is simple to strip and replace with another design too.

In conclusion, designing a stair can be a fun and simple project if early preparations and foresight is made. I hope you find some inspiration here for your next stair DIY project.

Thank you for reading.

Comments always welcome. Please let me know what inspired you on your current stair design.

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