Kanso which is one of the seven principles of Zen is a japanese philosophy that can be applied to any part of living. “Simplicity” is the underlying principle that define a Kanso design. From outdoor to indoor, Kanso can be incorporated to a space around your house. The bedroom is an ideal place to express the Zen flow and movement of energy on an enclosed space.

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Restraint is an aesthetic appeal of a Zen bedroom . The space is judiciously used and the bed and other furniture are placed with a purpose. Plain and utilitarian, the muted colors evokes simplicity at its basest.

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A simple bedroom surrounding can be both minimalistic and modern at the same time. Big windows and high ceiling invite the light to shine the positivity on the space. The less articles and furniture you have, the more soothing it would be to the senses.

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Zen is all about buying what you really only need, but the use of space here is maximize to it’s potential use i.e. the base for the bed serves as storage space. Minimalism is achieved whenever we eliminate the clutter of having too many furniture around your sleeping space because the end goal here is to provide a quiet and peaceful place to relax.

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Please let me know how you design your bedroom and what principles do you follow on your design.

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